Project Overview: Plan addresses a Variety of Issues

Over time, the Saline County Board of Commissioners have heard ongoing concerns with a variety of issues presented in connection with the aging status of the Courthouse building; whether in need of repair, replacement, update or addition. Individually, these generalized matters of importance had in themselves their own cost-value determination.

As needs compiled, it became necessary to respond to several of these issues in short order. Combining multiple areas of concern into one project provided a controlled response to each subject, yet kept the engagement of additional and future expectations in discussion. Folding all aspects into one project accomplished each stated goal, yet eliminated the prospect of duplicating some public funds when responding to each element in part.

The fullness of the projected plan is best described as meeting County requirements in several key areas: Safety & Security, Accessibility, Environmental Health, Consolidation of government offices and building Functionality.

Below is a basic project overview in speaking to those needs.

  1. Addresses the safety & security of Courthouse patrons and staff
    1. In providing a secondary exit point (stairway) on all floors with the inclusion of an alternate stairway from the upper floors to exit the building
    2. In providing for the movement of prisoners into and out of the courtroom and building, preventing co-habitation with courthouse visitors
    3. In providing for the inclusion of a single, main entry point where future security personnel can monitor visitors entering into the building
    4. In providing for passkey protected entry doors allowing access to offices and permit after-hours staff to perform additional duties in a secure environment

  2. Addresses accessibility issues while updating to ADA compliance standards
    1. In providing for the placement of an all-floor elevator housed within the new Addition
    2. In providing for the updating of restrooms to meet Americans with Disability Act compliance standards

  3. Addresses outdated water lines and the lack of hot water in the building related to environmental health associated with cleaning and sanitizing
    1. In providing the use of anticipated costs relevant to replacing water lines and other utility fixtures into the master plan of all other needs by either updating or simply creating newer facilities in the new Addition on each upper floor; thereby repurposing the existing restrooms for storage or other useful purpose

  4. Addresses the inclusion of currently off-site County offices to be brought back to the Courthouse, thereby consolidating the bulk of County operations into one location
    1. In providing those county offices conducting business in locations away from the Courthouse,
      • with the ability to house the Probation Office on the main floor of the building when reconfiguring the allotment of office space
      • with the inclusion of a sub-floor, Emergency Management will have suitable space in which to conduct secure emergency planning, exercise and response when brought back to the Courthouse
      • with the additional possibility of added occupancy space on an upper floor could now house the County Attorney's office in the building
  5. Addresses both the serviceable office and public areas of the Courthouse with value-added functionality
    1. In providing for the remodeling and opening of the Assembly Room for public meeting use
    2. In providing for an assigned work area for the DMV for testing and other motor vehicle licensing paperwork; in addition, a suitable waiting area for the general public
    3. In providing for enclosed service counters for the protection of employees and public funds
    4. In providing accessible storage areas and vault space for valuable public record keeping
    5. In providing for a break/lunch room